Movie Review: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014)

Directed by: Matt Reeves
Starring: Andy Serkis, Jason Clarke, Keri Russell, Toby Kebbell, Gary Oldman
Released: July 2014
The Rise of the Dawn of the Reconstruction of the Reboot of the Planet of the Apes.

A decade after the ALZ-113 virus breaks out, a group of genetically evolved apes led by Caesar (Andy Serkis) is threatened after a group of human survivors discovers them. Despite reaching a delicate peace, there are those who fear coexistence and only believe in war.
This is everything a sequel should do. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes succeeds on so many levels: as a summer blockbuster, social commentary, and cinematic artwork.

First off, the visuals of the movie - there was one moment where I was like, “That’s a real ape. We are looking at a real ape’s face right now!” The setting is beautifully designed and realized for both the ape and human colonies. There is one scene where a tank just starts spinning, and we can see everything, I thought that was the smartest thing ever. Not only does it look bad ass but it serves an even bigger purpose to the commentary the film makes.

Jason Clarke, Keri Russell, and Gary Oldman were as sufficient as they were going to be. Andy Serkis was the heart of this movie. I’m not sure if an Oscar nomination would mean anything but it would be well deserved. Serkis’ talent is profound.

The direction of the film is great too! OH MY GOSH THE DIRECTION OF THE FILM! I thought it was going to turn into Avatar and then the movie is like, “Nope, we’re going this way.” Every time you think this movie is going to be your typical summer blockbuster it flips the script.
A must see! Dawn of the Planet of the Apes succeeds its already surprisingly good predecessor and does everything a sequel should do. A fantastically done film.

Grade: 9/10


Movie Review: Snowpiercer (2014)

Directed by: Joon-ho Bong
Starring: Chris Evans, Song Kang-ho, Jamie Bell, John Hurt, Tilda Swinton, Octavia Spencer, Ed Harris
Released: June 2014

As amazing as Chris Evans was in this movie, Lucas-Lee-Chris-Evans will always be my favorite role of his. #ScottPilgrimVsTheWorld

After an experiment to counteract global warming sends earth into another ice age, all remaining life now resides on the Snowpiercer; a perpetual-motion train which travels around the world. A class system is placed, having the elite in the front of the train and the poor in the back. After years of living in the back of the train, a revolt led by Curtis Everett (Chris Evans) aims to head to the front of the train and bring justice to those who deserve it.

Before, the premise of Snowpiercer is something I could only dream of seeing on film - thanks to Joon-ho Bong, this dream has been realized.

Snowpiercer is one of the most profound films I’ve seen in a long time.

Chris Evans gives his best performance yet as a passionate revolutionary. I know this dude said he wants to take a break from acting but PLEASE DON’T STOP!

The supporting cast adds great gravity to the opposing sides in the film and reminds the audience that class issues don’t fall on just one person - everyone is affected.

There are times you will forget that this is an action film, and that’s because the drama in this movie is so well done. Snowpiercer separates itself from the mainstream distopian films by focusing on the drama and social issues which need to be addressed by the public. It is definitely one of the movies where you will leave thinking about the world and not just how entertaining it was.
For the common moviegoer this is not your Friday night entertainment. Snowpiercer is social commentary. Don’t come at it saying there’s not enough action or the plot is stupid; clearly you are not seeing the movie for the observation it makes on society. Despite sounding like a grown up and darker version of Disney Pixar’s Up and Frozen put together, Snowpiercer is nothing to let go of or overlook.

Grade: 10/10


Movie Review: The Raid 2: Berandal (2014)

Directed by: Gareth Evans
Starring: Iko Uwais, Arifin Putra, Oka Antara, Tio Pakusedewo, Alex Abbad, Julie Estelle, Ryuhei Matsuda
Released: March 2014 
Rated: R

Gareth Evans and Iko Uwais have changed the game…

After an intense rookie mission Rama (Uwais) believed everything was over. However the raid on the apartment in the Jarkarta slums has attracted the attention of bigger and more dangerous criminals. With his family in danger, Rama must go undercover and advance through the criminal underworld to bring down those in charge.

After seeing The Raid: Redemption I figured I’d never see anything at that level again. When I say Gareth Evans and Iko Uwais have changed the game, I mean they’ve CHANGED THE F*****’ GAME!!!

The Raid 2, while remaining believable - is the most violent movie I’ve seen and one of the best movies this year. The stressed plot is the biggest change from the first while remaining a true martial arts film - Think The Departed meets Ip Man.

Other action films including the first do not compare to the violence and action in this one. The villains are epic. On of the first fight scenes in the prison bathroom echoes the hallway beat down in Oldboy (2003) but on level 100. There’s a car chase scene which itself was better than any of the Fast and Furious movies in their entirety.

I’m hoping Gareth Evans and Iko Uwais keep working together. The Raid 2 is the best/most ridiculous/violent martial arts film I’ve seen in a long time. The violence is relentless. The action is rapid. The Raid 2 has changed the game.

Grade: 9.5/10 

And talk about an awesome Trailer (Red Band):

Movie Review: Oldboy (2003)

Directed by: Chan Wook Park
Starring: Min-sik Choi, Gang Hye-jeong, Ji-tae Yu
Released: August 2005 (US)
This is the best revenge film of all time.

Oh Dae-su (Choi) is a regular family man, but one night his life changes drastically. Oh Dae-su is kidnapped and wakes up in a makeshift prison. Without answers for his imprisonment, Oh Dae-su tries to escape and commit suicide a number of times but fails. While imprisoned Oh Dae-su learns that his wife is murdered and his daughter adopted away. After 15 years in the prison Oh Dae-su is released without reason. He receives a phone call and is challenged to find the person who had him imprisoned.
I naively went into this movie thinking it was an action flick. It’s not… Instead I got an excellent thriller.

I was completely enthralled by the movie in every way. The style of this movie is on a whole ‘nother level! Every shot was brilliant, the storytelling was great, and Min-sik’s acting though… #Wow

Oldboy has ruined all other thrillers for me.

Keeping this short to prevent giving out any spoilers. Despite the near two hour run time, Oldboy keeps you guessing up until the blackout for the credits. Even the prison years are captivating and brisk. You can get lost towards act three if you don’t pay attention and connect the dots. The torture and violence in this film is brutal. I can’t say anymore than “watch this movie”. It’s not for everyone - thriller goers and art house folk should enjoy this.

Grade: 9/10

Movie Review: Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Directed by: Doug Liman
Starring: Emily Blunt, Tom Cruise, Bill Paxton
Released: June 2014
Edge of Tomorrow is already on my favorite list for 2014. *Bows down to Emily Blunt

In the near future, the world is united in a war against an alien race and their relentless assault. Major William Cage (Cruise) is an officer who’s never actually been in combat. A fortunate kill gives Cage the ability to relive the day after each death. Only a couple people can comprehend what he’s experiencing. Among those is war hero Rita Vratski (Blunt). Using Cage’s new ability, together they aim to bring an end to this war and save humanity.
This year for movies has proven to be pretty awesome.

Aside from adding this to my favorites for 2014, as soon as I finished this movie I was already looking for Edge of Tomorrow memorabilia and liking everything Emily Blunt on Tumblr.

Edge of Tomorrow was hugely entertaining. The effects were great. The aliens were different and really cool; hard to describe. Very well acted movie. Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise have good chemistry and carry the dramatic, comedic, and action sequences very well. Kudos to doing your own stunts and walking around with that heavy armor the whole movie.

Despite reliving the day over and over again, we’re still met with plenty of twists and turns. The story develops very well and there isn’t anything too Sci-Fi for you to be like, “I don’t get it.”

WE ALSO HAVE A GREAT HEROIN IN EMILY BLUNT’S RITA VRATASKI!!! Finally, a female lead that isn’t over exaggerated!

It’s a great movie! Even if you’re not into Science Fiction. Even if you don’t care for Tom Cruise. There is a balance between drama, comedy, and action for all audiences. Edge of Tomorrow is awesome!!! Don’t wait until tomorrow to see this movie. FIRST HIGHEST GRADE THIS YEAR!

Grade: 10/10


***Yeah I’m that one guy who talked about this movie without talking about Groundhog Day. Whatever! Go see Edge of Tomorrow!***

Movie Review: 22 Jump Street (2014)

Directed by: Phil Lord, Chris Miller
Starring: Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, Ice Cube, Jillian Bell, Peter Stormare, Amber Stevens, Nick Offerman, Dave Franco, Rob Riggle
Released: June 2014
The word a lot of others use to describe this movie is “Meta” and where I grew up you say the word twice to emphasize it’s meaning. This movie is meta meta.

There’s a new synthetic drug making its way through Metro City State University and it’s up to Schmidt (Hill) and Jenko (Tatum) to infiltrate the dealers and find the suppliers, again. Their relationship hangs by a thread when Jenko finds a new life on the gridiron and a new companion.
Umm… How do I put this? 22 Jump Street is funnier than 21 Jump Street but 21 Jump Street is better than 22 Jump Street.

When I first saw the trailer for 22 Jump Street I was afraid they were going to pull a Hangover 2 flop. Hangover 2 was a carbon copy of the original and it was terrible. 22 Jump Street was the exact same thing as 21 Jump Street but they were smart about it.

The movie is very self-aware and makes fun of itself, the genre of comedies, and movies entirely. It calls back to 21 Jump Street a lot and reminds you over and over again that it is the same thing as before.

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are so perfect it seems like they were destined to fill these roles. There is one scene where Channing just goes off and that made for the funniest moment this year. Ice Cube was funny; he had one scene where he throws the most hilarious fit ever it will be in the tumblr gif hall of fame.

I could go on and on about the cast but I’ll save that all for you.

Despite being the exact same thing as 21, 22 Jump Street still had an element of surprise. Because the plot was the same, in order for this film to succeed it needed to turn up the humor game, and 22 Jump Street broke the laugh meter in the theater I was in.
If you haven’t seen it go check it out. 22 Jump Street will not disappoint. What you get here is a story of two best friends asking themselves what they want. It’s a perfect example of the crossroads friends entering college find themselves at. It’s great for everyone. But like my experience with Neighbors (2014), DO NOT BRING LITTLE CHILDREN TO THESE MOVIES!!!

"We’re talkin’ missionary, we’re talkin’ missionary, we’re talking when I’m on top and she’s on her back." "Damn!"

***The end credit scene is the end credit scene to end all end credit scenes forever.***

Grade: 9/10


Movie Review: X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

Directed by: Bryan Singer
Starring: James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Peter Dinklage, Nicholas Hoult, Ellen Page, Halle Berry
Released: May 2014
As a life long X-Men fan, whoa…

It’s been a while since the events of The Last Stand and Wolverine’s adventures in Japan and now the remaining mutants find themselves in a future where robots known as Sentinels are hunting them. In an attempt to fight the battle before it even begins, Kitty Pryde (Page) sends Wolverine’s (Jackman) consciousness back to 1973 to prevent the Sentinel project from ever reaching completion. Wolverine will need to enlist the help of a younger and lost Charles Xavier (McAvoy) and reunite him with Magneto (Fassbender) to save the future.
Gosh I love time travel movies.

I don’t even care about the plot holes, I didn’t even mind the bone claws (And I hate the bones claws); X-Men: Days of Future Past is the best X-Men movie yet (and it’s up there for Marvel movies)!

First Quicksilver… He owned his role and made me forget about the rest of the characters. I’m sorry I ever doubted it.

The visuals were great. In just about every X-Men film before, there was always at least one moment where I saw the CGI fall on itself, but not here.

The writing is great. The jokes are well done. The dialogue is amazing at points, and that talk between young and old Charles is inspiring. Kind of wish they didn’t include it in the trailer.

Now, I love Wolverine more than the next guy, but the focus on him in the movies has been unhealthy. Days of Future Past does a great job of dividing the movie among the rest of the X-Men.

What’s been great since First Class was the humanization of Xavier. Older/present time Xavier (at least to me) always seemed like a stiff mentor who was overpowered. In Days of Future Past we get an Xavier who’s destroyed and in need of guidance. This all makes the older/present Xavier that much more awesome!!!

Fassbender though… After Shame (2011) I fell in love with the talent of Fassbender. He does a great job displaying the anger which leads Magneto’s life. Everything he does carries the weight of his life as a Holocaust survivor. The passion is executed perfectly. When film or literature creates a villain you can care about and sympathize with, that’s a winner.
I love this X-Men film. It stands alone as a pretty great sci-fi film and with the franchise altogether this film is one of the best Marvel films yet. It has restored my faith in X-Men movies.

Grade: 8/10

That end credit scene though… #Apocalypse

Movie Review: Neighbors (2014)

Directed by: Nicholas Stoller
Starring: Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, Zac Efron, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Dave Franco, Ike Barinholtz, Elise Vargas, Jerrod Carmichael
Released: May 2014
There’s a lot of stupid in this movie - a lot of good stupid.

After having their first child, Mac (Rogen) and Kelly (Byrne) are making one of the most important steps in transitioning to adulthood. After a college fraternity moves into the house next door, Mac and Kelly try to establish an understanding with the head of the frat, Teddy Sanders (Efron). After a noise complaint goes south, Mac and Kelly find themselves at war with Teddy and the rest of the fraternity for months.
This is definitely one of the funniest films I’ve seen this year. There were parts where I laughed when I knew I should have known better.

People who don’t think Rose Byrne is funny can shut up. She’s hilarious in this film. Seth Rogen is his usual self and it is not fair how good Efron looks. Rogen had months with the guy but after 90 minutes I was in love with Zac Efron.

This movie owes a lot of it’s success to the supporting cast. Chris Mintz-Plasse, Dave Franco, Ike Barinholtz, and Jerrod Carmichael as Garf all made the movie so much fun.

There’s a character who’s called Assjuice throughout the film and is credited on the film, rotten tomatoes, and imdb as Assjuice. #TooFunny

The only problem I had with this movie was the ending, it seemed lazy, as if the writers didn’t know what to do anymore. However the movie still provided more than enough humor and ridiculousness than one could ask for.
In the end Neighbors turned out to be exactly what I figured it would be. It’s a funny movie with heart - minus the extra 30 minutes a Judd Apatow movie would have. Great comedy, just don’t bring your children there like the couple I saw sitting a couple rows ahead of me.

Grade: 6.5/10

Movie Review: Godzilla (2014)

Directed by: Gareth Edwards
Starring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Bryan Cranston, Ken Watanabe
Released: May 2014

In 1954, the US tests the Castle Bravo hydrogen bombs. Only they weren’t tests… 45 years later, two egg shape pods are discovered and the nuclear plant in Japan begins experiencing strange seismic activity. After an earthquake creates a meltdown at the plant, plant supervisor Joe Brody loses his wife. 15 years later Joe is convinced and trying to prove there was a cover up hiding what really took the life of his wife and many others that day. What Joe finds will bring the world to its knees.
How about that movie description though? Trying to reveal as little as possible, it’s half the fun of it! :D


It takes a while for Godzilla to show up but it’s worth the wait.

Wonderfully stunning visuals. And that halo jump… Wow…

Despite being titled Godzilla, this movie is not about Godzilla; it’s about the people, thus Heisenberg (Joe Brody) [Bryan Cranston].

Bryan Cranston reminds us Heisenberg doesn’t end there. What we get from Cranston is nothing to pout about. He commands his scenes with every decibel of his voice and every wrinkle on his face.

Kickass is in the movie too. He was… eh. A bit stiff at times, but he’s got the look down. He wasn’t terrible.
Moment of truth: for guys looking for Godzilla to be throwin’ shit down, this is your movie. However be warned, it takes a while for Godzilla to show up. This isn’t as fun as Pacific Rim, but it’s much more realistic than Pacific Rim.

Take this lightly: if not for the ending, this would have been a very satisfying movie. The ending was cheesier and cornier than nachos. (You’ll get over it quick though).

All in all, Godzilla tells the tale of human courage and it does it very well. Certainly a movie I’d see again.

Grade: 7.5/10

*By the way, I think this is the “perfect” trailer. The trailer of trailers.

Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Directed by: Marc Webb
Starring: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan, Chris Cooper, Paul Giamatti, Sally Field, Felicity Jones
Released: May 2014
You’d think they’d learn after the last time…

Peter (Garfield) must balance his life at home, being a boyfriend, being a student, and swinging through the city fighting crime. After a terrible accident involving OsCorp employee Max Dillon (Foxx), Peter finds a foe stronger than himself. Despite having to face off with a newer and stronger enemy, Peter’s biggest battle will come from within.
I’m going through my own battle; I’m torn about this film. So first the bad things.

In my opinion this film seemed a bit rushed. When I say this I mean the addition of Green Goblin seemed unfit and forced. My experience watching this film is very much like when I watched Captain America: The First Avenger - it was an advertisement for the future plans. So if the feeling is right, The Amazing Spider-Man 3 should be amazing!

The good: Stunning special effects. I’m really diggin’ this bullet time/matrix thing Marc Webb did.

Andrew Garfield is a better Spider-Man than Tobey Maguire!

Spider-Man is supposed to have a mouth and throw out joke after joke and Garfield gives audiences that. Aside from having a smart mouth, Peter is a nerd, with Tobey’s trilogy, we always knew he was smart, but with Andrew, this Peter is a nerd and holds true to it.

Something you’ll see in this film as apposed to other super hero films is there’s actual acting. If you look at the cast you can tell it’s a heavyweight. Aunt May had me bawling when she was telling Peter he was her boy; Emma and Andrew have legitimate chemistry, and Dane DeHaan is so gangster (I couldn’t even come up with a proper description for him).
This movie suffered a lot from overcrowding. The way Electro was developed had me thinking there was going to be a promising fight. Instead with the Green Goblin, I was sitting there waiting for what’s next. Unfortunately what came after seemed a bit rushed and unfitting. Despite that, I can’t say skip The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The actors were great. The visuals were: wow. And the last few moments of the movie were beautiful. Solid movie.

Grade: 7/10

Movie Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Directed by: Anthony Russo, Joe Russo
Starring: Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Mackie, Robert Redford, Frank Grillo, Sebastian Stan, Cobie Smulders, Emily VanCamp
Released: April 2014
This is the most political super hero movie yet. That kick though.

It’s been a while since the events in New York and Captain America is back. This time Cap is trying to embrace the modern world. However when S.H.I.E.L.D. gets compromised Captain America doesn’t know who to trust. It’s up to him and Black Widow to uncover the conspiracies building within and fight off a dangerous assassin known as The Winter Soldier.
This is the best Marvel movie yet.

Whether it’s throwing punches or exchanging lines, Chris Evans doesn’t miss a beat. Scarlett Johansson looks like they’re having so much fun and adds more personality to the Black Widow character.

I absolutely love and appreciate how they told the Winter Soldier’s story. It was perfect. #Respect

I was afraid Falcon was going to be the black sidekick, but he turned out to be more of a partner to Captain America. So kudos to the writers. #Respect

The degree of politics in this film makes it more than any other Marvel film. The complexity of the story and the way it develops is so awesome that I didn’t feel like I was watching a Marvel film. This has spy-James-Bond-Jason-Bourne-movie all over it.

After having the first one seem like 2 hour advertisement for The Avengers, Captain America was due a treatment like this. Unlike Thor, Captain America commands their movie and leads a supporting cast which makes Marvel’s future even brighter.

As a fanboy, one has to appreciate the telling of the Winter Soldier’s story, all of the Easter eggs, and the set up for the next Marvel films. Captain America: The Winter Soldier should satisfy all fans: hardcore and along for the ride.

Grade: 8.5/10

Movie Review: The Lego Movie (2014)

Directed by: Phil Lord, Christopher Miller
Starring: Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Banks, Will Arnett, Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman, Charlie Day, Alison Brie, Liam Neeson
Released: February 2014
You are the special, I am the special, this movie is really special.

Emmet is a perfectly ordinary and average LEGO guy who is mistaken as the most extraordinary person ever, and key to saving the world… Emmet then joins a group of “master builders” on a quest to stop the evil President Business.
It’s always a joy when a movie has even more jokes than they used in the trailer.

When I saw that this movie was releasing in February I was so worried it was going to suck. I now know to trust Phil Lord with everything (I probably still won’t watch Alvin and the Chipmunks 4 though).

The longer The Lego Movie goes the better it gets. I swear the last 15 minutes were so profound, at that moment I was like, “Okay, this movie is more than just silly now. That shit was deep.”

Really well made movie. I love how they made the film look like stop action and really proved the infinite possibilities with LEGOs. Throw in great jokes for both young and older audiences and this was animated movie gold.

Besides Batman (Arnett) my favorite character has to be Vitruvius (Freeman). Full of one-liners and knee slapping comedy, The Lego Movie was the most delightful surprise this year. It gets a little long with a weird reality jump but the ending brings the whole movie full circle. The Lego Movie is a great comedy for people of all ages.

Grade: 8.5/10


Movie Review: RoboCop (2014)

Directed by: Jose Padiha
Starring: Joel Kinnaman, Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, Abbie Cornish, Michael Keaton, Jay Baruchel, Michael K. Williams, Jackie Earle Haley
Released: February 2014
I should have listened to my gut, after all, this homie didn’t have one.

Robot technology is rampant in the United States military. At the head of all robot technology is OmniCorp, and they have plans to bring their controversial technology to the states. After being turned down time after time, OmniCorp’s plans in America are rejected. When police officer Alex Murphy is critically injured, Omnicorp gets their golden opportunity. Alex Murphy becomes OmniCorp’s part man, part machine, part problem police officer.
If you’re going to do a remake you better do it well.

Given the length of this movie, this is hugely disappointing. It takes too long for Alex to become RoboCop and the finished product is underwhelming.

If you’re going to have Michael K. Williams in your movie use him!!! I swear, his part was too small.

The most interesting parts of the film were when Alex returned to his family or they reached out to him. The only problem was there wasn’t much of that. His struggle for humanity was focused around the people at OmniCorp and that was not enough to display his fight for humanity.

Skip it. The action sequences were dull and Joel Kinnaman’s performance was stiffer than Henry Cavill in Man of Steel. It’s a very long and underwhelming action flick.



Movie Review: Short Term 12 (2013)

Directed by: Destin Daniel Cretton
Starring: Brie Larson, John Gallagher Jr., Kaitlyn Dever, Rami Malek, Keith Stanfield, Kevin Hernandez
Released: August 2013
It’s a roller coaster of just about every human emotion. This is cinema at its finest.

Grace (Larson) is a dedicated supervisor at a home for at-risk teens. Her boyfriend Mason (Gallagher) also works there. Even though everything seems fine on the surface, Grace is struggling to move on from her own troubled past when she gets news that her life is about to change forever. She will need to open up to those she loves the most and learn to take the advice she provides to the kids she works with to find peace.

Short Term 12 gives us a look into the vivid and difficult life of social work; and it’s a genuine project - as director Destin Daniel Cretton once worked in a center like the one in the film.

This movie runs on emotion and all of the actors are ready to break your heart. I’m still broken from Keith Stanfield’s performance, and Brie Larson carries the movie spectacularly.

Cretton creates ways for characters to reveal themselves. Whene something is so important or becomes too difficult to be said directly, art lends itself to be the perfect microphone. Marcus (Stanfield) tells us who he is through a biographical rap, and Jayden (Dever) tells us about who she is through a dark children’s story she wrote about an octopus and a shark.

It’s perfectly fine to feel like this film is depressed and sad, but it’s neither of those. Humor is thrown in as a way to cope both for those who work in the facilities and the children. At the very core, Short Term 12 reminds us that the best offense and defense to life’s problems are those who care for you.

Highest recommendation.

Grade: 10/10

Movie Review: 12 Years A Slave (2013)

Directed by: Steve McQueen
Starring: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Lupita Nyong’o, Michael Fasbender, Benedict Cumberbatch, Paul Dano, Paul Giamatti, Brad Pitt, Alfre Woodard
Released: November 2013

Based on the memoir of the same name, 12 Years a Slave tells the story of Solomon Northup and his incredible fight for survival and freedom after being kidnapped and sold into slavery.
Unflinchingly directed by Steve McQueen and led by a heavyweight cast, 12 Years a Slave is unapologetically brutal and nothing short of amazing.

Cut out just small two scenes and this movie follows the book perfectly.

Amazing score, amazing shots, amazing scenery, and amazing acting. Chiwetel Ejiofor had the daunting task of carrying the person who is Solomon Northrup and did so with grace.
There’s not much about this movie and the production that hasn’t already been said. Chiwetel was great, Lupita was amazing, Fassbender was evil as hell, Paul Dano was perfect as Tibeats, and the scenery was hauntingly good. The only things I want to call to attention are the social and institutional questions which arise after watching this movie.

It is a very important film and book, which MUST be incorporated into the canon of American education.

If you’ve already seen this film, the question now is, “what do you do?”, because this film has a higher purpose than simply telling you history. As Americans or just straight up people, there is a responsibility to know that slavery still affects people today in America and all over the world. Now go do something about it. This does not mean be a white savior. This means, get angry and work towards change.

Grade: 10/10